Of course, we transcend animals even we remain animals. We have a unique combination of traits that give us much greater abilities to overrule our DNA and R(eptilian) Complex of our brain than even chimpanzees ever could. That means that while evo psych can explain why we have the impulses and sexual turn-ons we do, it should not be the end-all, be-all answer for excusing these things.

55 filrabat June 5, 2011 at 12:10 am

Addendum: Even ‘bringing home the bacon’ isn’t enough. We’ve all heard stories of people great at bringing home the bacon, but lousy at teaching their kids values that enable society to bring home more and better bacon – especially that help future generations do so. In short, a lot of evo psych’s and especially Social Darwinism’s weakness is that it defines species success in very narrow terms – mostly those having to do with short-term reproductive success for the animal or person itself, regardless of the consequences of perpetuating that behavior in future generations. Put more simply, there’s a big difference between behaviors (some at least partially genetic in origin) that ensure the next generation of kids will be strong, smart, healthy, and good at social dominance and bringing home bacon , and long-term traits that ensure that people four and five or more generations afterwards will be able to bring home the same quality bacon and have the same level of strength, intelligence, and health. Our government’s consistent practice of huge deficit spending is proof of this — eventually, we and even our grandchildren will have to pay for it (which lessens the gap between them and starvation).

So yeah, giving into the raw animal attraction without regard to other critically necessary traits that go into child-rearing may be rewarding in the short run — but you’re flirting with long-term disaster for your society (with your great and great-great-grandchildren picking up any tab for the party).

56 VI June 5, 2011 at 7:11 am

The boomerang, which is too much of a good thing, i.e. social proof, happens when women perceive that men have no standards. They’ll have sex with anyone who offers it up, no questions asked. This works as a DLV because it demonstrates that the men cannot afford to be selective, but rather have a sort of “starvation” mentality about sex. That signals desperation. I suspect this is directly related to the stigma of STDs.

I’ve seen this happen to men who get most of their notches from overweight and/or less attractive girls. Certainly, I can see how people assume this man is more likely to have STDs, even if he’s no more likely than the man who only dates cute girls. As long as a man is known for dating cute girls, his high notch count won’t hurt him with the high quality girls.

57 Michael of Charlotte June 5, 2011 at 8:03 am


We’re still rewarding alpha male behaviors that are detrimental today, even if they helped bring home the bacon in 10,000 BC.

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